DMLOT Gateway

Your all-in-one WiFi device

Unlock xFi's fast speeds, consistent coverage, and enhanced control when you choose the xFi Gateway at checkout. It's a modem and router in one and your key to our ultimate in-home WiFi experience. Proactive speed and device upgrades come standard. And you can customize your xFi with smart add-ons:


It is an impeccable convergence networking solution of Data and Video. High Speed Fiber Internet makes working and playing less demanding than any time in recent memory with more reliable high speeds. The fiber lines go straight to your home, so you're perusing is as quick as would be prudent.


  • Start up various gadgets on the double without losing speed.
  • Offer your month to month benefit over different PCs at no additional charge (requires a switch).
  • Access your webmail when voyaging and perusing from other Internet Service Providers.
  • Committed Connection: No Worries About Oversubscription
  • Symmetric Connectivity Lets You Upload Huge Files Easily
  • Joint effort Is Easier and Faster
  • Fiber is quicker than normal broadband velocities
  • You can download all the more, speedier, with fiber.
  • Fiber Internet is more dependable than Wifi.
  • Speedier Page-Loading Time
  • Numerous Internet Users are Supported

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